The beginning

The dandelion seed is created as the dandelion flower fades.

Taking off

A wind gathers it from its home and takes it from everything it knows.

In flight

Riding the winds of hope, it is off on a quest for a new place to grow

Journey's end

Who knows where it will land, what will happen next?

A new beginning

Wherever it lands, the dandelion seed thrives and grows, and begins anew.

Responsive Mental Health Services LLC responds to you.

In many therapy practices, the therapist prescribes a course of action, and the therapy participant simply follows the rules. Here at Responsive Mental Health Services, LLC, we believe that therapy participants do better, longer, when they are a valued part of the team and their goals are supported and taken seriously.

“Just Playing”: An Outsider’s View of Play Therapy

“Just Playing”: An Outsider’s View of Play Therapy
When I first started providing therapy for children, some years ago, I had worked with adults quite a bit, and children in case management situations, but had not done therapy for children. I went to my supervisor and asked him, almost in so many words, “How do I do therapy...

Note on Out of My Mind Podcasts

Note on Out of My Mind Podcasts
Out of My Mind is an interactive podcast for people with chronic mental health issues, created from the perspective of a professional who lives with chronic mental health issues. It is approximately 40 minutes long, published each Monday at and reproduced at this website only for current and former...

Note on Out of My Mind Podcasts

Note on Out of My Mind Podcasts
(The idea for this post on effective parenting was shamelessly stolen from a comment by newsoul11 (cool handle!) in this thread on Captain Awkward’s wonderful site.) Effective Parenting: The Case of Captain Awkward and the Dirty, Rotten Little Milk Spiller: The Scenario: Imagine if you will, three parents, all busy,...
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